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Fox Warns of Illegal Fork Modifications

Published November 24, 2008

WATSONVILLE, CA (BRAIN)—Fox Racing Shox is warning against making illegal modifications to its suspension forks after learning of several instances of altered products.

Last week, Fox sent the warning to its international distributors, members of the media, as well as posted the notice on its Web site.

The problem stems from individuals or entities modifying Fox forks made for 26-inch wheels to accommodate 29-inch wheels by removing material from the lower leg cross bridge.

“Such modification will ultimately separate the lower fork legs at the cross bridge (i.e. the weakened cross bridge will fracture) and may cause bicycle instability and crash that result in serious injury or death,” the notice says.

Elayna Caldwell, marketing manager for Fox, said the company isn’t aware of any reports of injuries or broken forks as a result of the modifications.

Fox warns its customers not to remove material from any portion of the fork and to use only 26-inch wheels with Fox 32, 36 and 40 forks.

Use with any other wheel will subject the fork to loads and forces it has not been designed or certified to carry and will void the warranty.

Fox sells forks specifically designed for 29er bikes.

To read the complete notice, click on the link above.

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