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Taichung 'Mini-Shows' Kick Off Today

Published December 8, 2008

TAICHUNG, Taiwan (BRAIN)—Many companies attending the Taichung mini-shows took the first steps Monday toward bringing the event under a single organizer, provided it remains “cheap, efficient and casual.”

Taichung city officials promised financial and logistical support for a centrally organized event at a meeting. Many of the “mini-shows” kicked off Monday, as some 50 brands began a week of presentations to product managers and other OEM customers.

After the meeting, Taichung Mayor Jason Hu hosted a dinner party that attracted about 120 Bike Week participants and gave his enthusiastic support to an annual Taichung Bike Week event.

The mini-shows have swelled in popularity in recent years as U.S. and European product managers find themselves having to finish spec’ing new models earlier and earlier.

Lack of organization has been the biggest problem for companies exhibiting at the mini-shows. Many have banded together in small groups, while others simply rent a room at the Tempus Hotel (formerly the Landis). With so many ad-hoc groups, however, it is difficult to know which brands are exhibiting where.

“The fact that you’re already here is amazing, because nobody organized you,” said Anna Wang, director of the city’s Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee.

Wang said the city is willing to pay for a Taichung Bike Week organizer and is willing to help market the event, provide transportation to Bike Week participants from the airport and train station, and provide other services.

Initially, the city would look at keeping the Bike Week events at four Taichung Hotels: the Tempus, Evergreen, Splendor and the One.

Whether or not the city oversees the event, Taichung Bike Week is expected to continue growing as growing numers of product managers come to Taichung this time of year to finish spec’ing their new model lines.

Steve Fenton of Pro-Lite, who lives in Taichung and has promoted a centrally organized event, said Shimano has indicated an interest in attending if it were better organized.

“If all of us can agree to join forces to create one informal OEM show, let’s do it,” said Katerina Rejchrtova, president of WTB Europe, who also has been urging the consolidation of the mini-shows.

—Doug McClellan

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