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OC Businessman to Create Local Races

Published January 4, 2009

MISSION VIEJO, CA (BRAIN)—Shane Fishbein saw a need which he's about to fill, with the help of several prominent California manufacturers and retailers.

"From what I sense, there is a demand for an increase in local races and riding events," said Fishbein, owner of Core Chiropractic in Mission Viejo, California. Fishbein has gotten to know many of the companies and athletes that make up the Orange County bicycling scene through Core.

"There are so many athletes in [Orange County], and not so many races/events, especially nearby," Fishbein said. "It’s my desire to organize and structure a race/event production organization that will bring all of these entities together to create a fun and challenging schedule that is family friendly and beneficial to the participants, audience and the vendors. This will all occur locally, where it’s needed most."

Companies already having shown interest include Oakley, Crankbrothers, Specialized, Shimano and Felt; and retailers including Rock N' Road Cyclery, Ladera Cyclery and The Bike Company.

The races/events will be held at the Flying B Ranch in Orange County's Santa Ana Mountains, which is privately owned by one family. Previously, the property was split by two different owners which caused some of the problems with the prior races, according to Fishbein.

"Because of the private ownership of the property, anything goes in terms of races," Fishbein said. "Night races, build new trails, concerts, open park days for free riding, non-race events, shuttles, etcetera. The door is wide open to create a great place for riding in Orange County."

There will be a meeting among the aforementioned companies and Fishbein in mid-January to discuss further details of what the racing/events will look like. This meeting is by invitation only.

—Jason Norman

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