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Haro Bicycles Joins BPSA

Published May 1, 2009

VISTA, CA (BRAIN)—Haro Bicycles has joined the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association as a supplier member.

As a long-time data reporter to the BPSA statistical committee, Haro has supported BPSA’s mission to supply the bicycle industry with sales, market share and inventory information for several years.

“After attending the Bicycle Leadership Conference in Monterey last month, it became very clear that the BPSA does far more for the bicycle industry than compiling sales reports,” said Joe Hawk, Haro Bicycles chief operating officer. “The work BPSA does for the industry in terms of lobbying efforts and legal considerations are huge. We look forward to collaborating with BPSA in order to update reporting categories and to encourage other companies who do not report currently to do so to make the information we all receive more relevant, meaningful and actionable."

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