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Cane Creek Launches Headset Fit Finder

Published February 3, 2010

FLETCHER, NC (BRAIN)—In recent years identifying proper headset fit for any given bicycle has been complicated by the evolution and introduction of new standards, as well as the use of tapered and conversion configurations, which often mix standards.

With more than 20 different tapered and conversion headset configurations currently being used by bicycle manufacturers and the ongoing confusion and miss-identification of Semi-Integrated (ZeroStack) and Integrated (IS) standards, Cane Creek has officially launched the online Headset Fit Finder as a resource for the industry and consumers.

The Fit Finder (click on link), which was shown in a beta version at Interbike, allows users to quickly identify headset requirements by simply choosing make, model and year information for one of the thousands of bicycles already included in the database. If a given bicycle is not in the database the user can navigate an easy step-by-step measurement approach that generates fit results based on frame and fork configuration.

“The Headset Fit-Finder represents Cane Creek’s commitment to the entire cycling industry,” said Peter Gilbert, Cane Creek vice president of sales. “While critical for the tapered solution, our database is also a powerful tool for conventional headset identification. Even with non-tapered configurations, identifying headset standards and fit requirements can sometimes be confusing. Our Fit-Finder works with all frames and forks, not just tapered, and will be a very important resource moving forward.”

Several bicycle manufacturers have stepped forward to support Cane Creek’s development of the Headset Fit Finder realizing the win-win this resource represents for all levels of the supply chain.

“Trek, Specialized, KHS, Niner, Lapierre, Salsa and many other bicycle brands have provided us with several years worth of valuable headset specification data,” said Jason Grantz, Cane Creek marketing director. “The Fit Finder is a reflection of Cane Creek’s commitment to providing the entire industry will value that extends beyond the product and without the help of our partners it would not be where it is today.”

Cane Creek has added a part-time position primarily dedicated to the ongoing research and input of headset specification data for the Fit Finder. On average headset specifications for 100 bicycles are added every week.

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