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Published March 2, 2010

OAK PARK, IL (BRAIN)—Arietar Ltd. (parent company of and has signed a contract with Colorado-based bike manufacturer Tommaso Bicycle Company, licensing up to 20,000 Aircaddy containers to be made in Smurfit-Stone’s state of the art facility in Shanghai, China.

This move enables the manufacturer to build high end bicycles in China or the United States, and ship them directly to the dealer or consumer ready to ride: fully tuned, properly torqued, with the pedals installed.
Tommaso has been manufacturing bicycles since 1985 and every bicycle leaves their factory with a lifetime guarantee.

“Tommaso Bicycles is committed to excellence in the design, craftsmanship, and worldwide distribution of bicycles,” says Tommaso president Randall Scott Weidberg. “Tommaso Bicycle Company is a customer-centric bike manufacturer. We have worked with Arietar Ltd. to fill a void in the bicycle industry. There is simply nothing else like this in the industry.”

This marketing scenario was first tested over two years ago by Arnold Kamler, president of Kent International. Within two weeks at a single merchant location, over 200 of these high end bicycles were sold without incident, and no additional assembly was required.

Completely and professionally built bicycles can now be shipped 168 units per 40 foot container directly to the dealer or wholesaler. The individual Aircaddy units then can be shipped by Fedex or United Parcel Service directly to the customer without excessive freight charges, shortages or damage. The Aircaddy containers can be reused or cut in half to be recycled in two minutes.

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