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Gates Releases Dealer Web Videos

Published April 13, 2010

DENVER, CO (BRAIN)—Gates Corp., maker of the clean, quiet and sturdy Carbon Drive System, has launched CarbonDriveU—a series of entertaining Web videos that explains the benefits of Carbon Drive and how to install and
maintain it.

Aimed at educating dealers, mechanics and the bike shop sales force, CarbonDriveU provides a visually compelling, up-close look at the chain-replacing technology and the key steps for working on it.

"Carbon Drive has been a smashing success with everyone from the press to the public to singlespeed racers, but as a relatively new technology we felt it was important to give industry workers who are handling it a detailed look at the key steps and procedures," said Todd Sellden, technical director for Carbon Drive Systems. "Carbon Drive is just as easy to work on as a chain drive, but it requires
some new knowledge."

CarbonDriveU consists of five videos. Total viewing time is about 15 minutes. The first, Introduction to Carbon Drive, can be viewed by the public by clicking on link.

The remaining four videos, which cover how to install, maintain, sell and integrate Carbon Drive with internally geared hubs, are aimed at bike industry employees and require viewers to enter a username and password. After watching all five videos, viewers are asked to answer a series of multiple choice questions that help cement key information. Dealers who ace the quiz are eligible for prizes from Gates.

"These videos will help grow the popularity of Carbon Drive even more," said Frank Scurlock, global business development manager for Carbon Drive. "Most training videos are boring. CarbonDriveU is entertaining as well as educational. We believe these are some of the best dealer training videos ever created in the cycling industry."

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