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Specialized Commuter Cup Challenge

Published April 26, 2010

MORGAN HILL, CA (BRAIN)—For the 12th straight year, Specialized is inviting industry friends to take part in the annual Bike to Work Day Industry Commuter Cup Challenge on Thursday, May 13.

Bike to Work Day is a yearly event depicting what Specialized hopes will one day become the typical morning commute for parents, children, office workers, politicians and CEOs alike; living the dream by enjoying a bike ride to and from their daily destinations.

As part of National Bike to Work Month, Specialized figures a little friendly competition between industry leaders, passionate dealers and anyone else in the bike business will not only help promote the Bike to Work movement, but will also help everyone live as one less car for a day.

“Each year's Bike to Work effort creates such a visible presence of cyclists on the road that motorists actually take notice, slow down and make room for riders, creating an improved commute for everyone,” said Ian Dewar, Specialized USA’s partnership and advocacy manager. “By taking part, each member of the bike industry improves this visibility and stands as an example to the rest of the country.”

So, whether a company is “Tiny but Tough," “Mighty and Small," in the “Medium Big League," or out to rule them all in Specialized's “Big Mac Attack” category, the 2010 Specialized Commuter Cup Challenge smackdown is on.

To participate, industry partners and dealers can register via the online registration until May 7, 2010 at

To confirm that their business qualifies for the challenge, potential registrants should read the official rules. After registering, the company’s designated Commuter Cup representative will receive a follow up email with more information on the SCCC and spelling out the next steps they need to take to participate. Companies must be pre-registered in order to have a chance to win the 2010 Specialized Commuter Cup Challenge.


The Specialized Commuter Cup Challenge is open to pre-registered Industry and IBD companies only. Companies outside the bicycle industry, while encouraged to ride to work, are not eligible to participate in the challenge, nor win the prizes or trophy.

Official Bike to Work Day/Commuter Cup Challenge is Thursday, May 13, 2010. Any other single day during Bike to Work Week (May 10-21, 2010) can be substituted, but only one (1) single-day entry will be considered.

Greatest percentage participation of company employees in each of the four categories will win the Specialized Commuter Cup Trophy AND the choice of a 2010 GLOBE LIVE 1, ROLL 1 or Vienna 2.

Categories are:

* Tiny But Tough (50 or less employees)
* Mighty and Small (50-100 employees)
* Medium Big League (100-150 employees)
* Big Mac Attack (150+ employees)

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