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Bike-alog’s New Owners Focused on Growth

Published June 28, 2010

SANTA BARBARA, CA (BRAIN)—Jeff Botelho and Adam Durazo are focused on Bike-alog’s future; the two want to provide a more complete and accurate catalog for shops going forward.

“Primarily we’re trying to firm up our ability to help out a shop, and add more features that will make a shop’s day easier for them,” Durazo said.

But that’s not all they want to do.

“Adam and I are eager to really bring Bike-alog to a new age where we integrate with point of sale (POS) companies,” Botelho said. “We’ve got some supply chain solutions we’re working on. We really just want to make the database we have a lot more useful to the industry.”

The two purchased the company back in January from original founder Jeff Palley, who started the company back in 1988 as a database for cycling products. Today, Bike-alog has information on almost 200,000 separate items, as well as complete specs for more than 15,000 bikes dating back to 1993. Since 2007, Bike-alog has been publishing its bike specs database on the web.

While Durazo has been at Bike-alog for about three years, Botelho only recently came on board so that he could purchase the company along with Durazo. Botelho came from online cycling retailer Price Point where he was the purchasing manager.

The Santa Barbara, California-based company will launch a project that pertains to supply chain solutions at this year’s Interbike that Botelho called “groundbreaking.”

Bike-alog has almost 600 subscribers for its online version.

Bike-alog will maintain its current pricing structure of $49 monthly or $498 annually for subscriptions. Monthly memberships will continue to stay on a month to month basis for subscribers. For more information about Bike-alog call 800-962-1950 or visit

—Jason Norman

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