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Energy, Enthusiasm Overtake Outerbike

Published October 10, 2011

MOAB, UT (BRAIN)—Chilly temperatures and some rain didn't dampen the spirits of the record crowd that turned out for Outerbike.

The three-day consumer demo event saw 800 people in attendance—doubling that of last year—and they just had one thing on their minds.

"It was 40 degrees and raining on Saturday morning they were already lined up at 7 a.m.," said Outerbike promoter Ashley Korenblat. "At 9 a.m. they ran to the booths to get their pick of bikes. It was unbelievable. All the bikes were out, all of the time."

Korenblat said that many exhibitors reported that the crowd wasn't just window shopping, as is the case with many consumer shows. "Everyone who was shopping was a buyer," Korenblat said.

Thirty-two exhibitors including Santa Cruz and Ibis took part at this year's Outerbike in Moab, Utah.

"The guys said it was great," said Santa Cruz's marketing manager Scott Turner. "Outerbike demo opened at 9 a.m. Friday. It took one hour and fifteen minutes for our entire Outerbike fleet (51 bikes) to disappear and it pretty much
stayed that way for the whole weekend. Definitely worth while."

Ibis' Scot Nicol said Outerbike has been the best consumer demo event that the company has attended over the last two years.

"The quality, knowledge and enthusiasm of the people riding the bikes, the trails at the event, the trails on the shuttled rides, the food provided, the quality of the other vendors in attendance and Outerbike's entertaining staff all combine to make the event what it is," Nicol said. "Ibis will be back next year, and we hope to have twice as many bikes."

(PHOTO by Leslie Kehmeier, Wide Eyed World Photography)

—Jason Norman

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