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Johnny 'Drama' Endorses 2009 Tour of Cali

Published February 12, 2009

Like many of you, I’ll be following this year’s Tour of California with a keen eye. But, unlike many of you, I’m not what you would call an avid road-racing fan. I know: take my new BRAIN jersey off, have Sani lash me ten times over.

Typically, I like watching the superstars go at it. Whether it’s Tiger fist pumping after an eagle on the golf course, Nadal willing his way to a winning point on the tennis court, or Kobe coming off a screen for the game winning jumper in basketball.

And, sometimes, it might not be the player or team out there I’m watching, but it’s one helluva a storyline: former grocery bagger turned Super Bowl quarterback turned cast away turned all-pro quarterback trying to lead his team to its first Super Bowl victory, while the team he’s playing against is going for its record breaking sixth title. Turned out be a pretty good game, with an even better ending.

And when you combine those two aforementioned elements: star power and script, it has the makings of being Must See TV. Here comes the greatest cyclist of all time—his first road race on American soil since announcing his comeback. Here comes the other man, who was thought by many to perhaps be the next Lance before tarnishing his reputation amidst a Tour de France doping scandal. Even LeMond will be watching this one. Hell, he might even be there. Wouldn’t that up the ante a bit?

What makes this one even better is that it rolls through the land of milk and honey. The picturesque backdrop couldn’t be better for the sporting drama that might unfold. Or it may very well be a bust. Lance and Floyd might not have what it takes anymore to be in the mix when it gets down to SoCal. But if they do, you’ll probably be a little closer to your 46-inch flatscreen next weekend. I know I will.

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