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D.C. Dealer Tour Day 2

Published June 2, 2010

The second day of BRAIN's D.C. led us from Alexandria through tony Georgetown and into the heart of the district where we rode past many of the D.C. must-sees such as the White House, the Washington Monument and the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials. Along the way, we stopped in at Bicycle Pro Shop (lots of European business), Big Wheel Bikes (one of five shops owned by Mike Sendar, a 40+ year retailer in the area), Cycle Life USA (super posh retail store/coffee shop/gym/personal training and coaching center with a killer view of Roosevelt Island) and District Hardware/The Bike Shop (quirky mix of commuter bikes and paint, lightbulbs, hammers, etc.). We finished the day with a reception at the nexus of bike advocacy in D.C., home to the League of American Bicycles, the Alliance for Biking and Walking, America Bikes and the National Center for Biking and Walking. 

Pedro's Matt Bracken doesn't need much caffeine to keep him going demonstrated as he sips a frappucinno more appropriate for a 5-year-old during a Starbucks break.





Photographer Jake Orness gets on the other side of the lens for a cyclocross style jaunt up a set of stairs used for a scene in the 1971 horror flick "The Exorcist," which was filmed at Georgetown University.










Cycle Life easily one-upped yesterday's star bathroom pick of the day (Conte's) with its spa-style facilities. We told you this place was posh.

I take my chances at starting a new life as a circus performer. Happy to report I'm still with BRAIN.


The controversy lives on inside Big Wheel Bikes' bathroom.



The Pedro's guys make friends with one of the Secret Service agent guarding the White House.


Giant's chief executive officer Tony Lo and global marketing manager An Le enjoy a cold beverage at the advocacy reception.


Photos by Jake Orness and Nicole Formosa


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