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Polarpak Collaborating With Oakley

Published October 16, 2007

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (BRAIN)—Polarpak recently announced that Oakley has chosen its MOFLOW™ pressurized bladder for use in the Oakley Tool Pouch 2.0 mountain bike/outdoor backpack.

MOFLOW™ is the first and only multi-purpose hydration bladder to provide pressurized delivery—a method that has shown to increase liquid intake by nearly 30 percent versus conventional “suck and draw” systems.

“We are proud that Oakley has chosen Polarpak’s MOFLOW™ hydration system for use in their new backpack,” said Polarpak president Jeff Skillern. “Partnering with an industry leader such as Oakley reaffirms our belief that our technology has distinct and measurable advantages compared to other hydration systems. We’re excited to contribute to the construction of one the most advanced hydration backpacks on the market.”

“Oakley is committed to creating the most technically advanced and innovative products available,” said Tony Zentil, accessories product line manager for Oakley. “Polarpak’s MOFLOW™ hydration system offers a convincing advantage to the performance of our Tool Pouch 2.0 backpack and will give considerable value and convenience to outdoor enthusiasts and active lifestyle consumers.”

Oakley’s Tool Pouch 2.0 mountain bike/outdoor backpack, expected to be available in Spring 2008 and retail for $90.00, will feature a 100-ounce MOFLOW™ hydration system. Using a patented pressurization system, which is hand pump activated prior to an activity, MOFLOW™ bladders require no sucking effort to draw water—a user simply bites down on the mouthpiece and liquid is instantly delivered. All MOFLOW™ hydration bladders are 100 percent antimicrobial and feature exclusive built-in Microban® protection technology which inhibits the growth of microbes that can cause stains, odors and poor water quality.

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