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Industry veteran Mark Peterman launches new airless tube brand, Air Fom

Published September 12, 2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Mark Peterman, a veteran of Cycling Sports Group and GT Bicycle, has launched a new company in Taiwan that will provide airless tire inserts that replace innertubes.


"Air Fom will provide airless insert technology for all cyclists that can be installed at your local IBD for an affordable price with pressure and ride performance close to air. Air Fom is a precision molded, multiple layer, hi tech foam insert that can be constructed to simulate different pressures. The patent pending design also allows Air Fom to be lightweight. A 700 x 40c insert (60 PSI) weighs approximately 260 grams in comparison to the avg weight of a normal 700 x 40c tube that is 160 grams. If a thorn proof tube is used as a comparison Air Fom weighs much less. Air Fom inserts are rated to last at least 5000 kilometers with a one-year warranty," the company said.

Peterman is leading a Taiwan-based company that will design, manufacture and distribute the Air Fom product line globally. The technology is patent pending with all products manufactured in Taichung, Taiwan, using Japanese materials. The material is recyclable back to the original raw material, the company said. 

Air Fom will begin manufacturing in the fourth quarter this year with shipments hitting shops early in January. The product line will include tire inserts for commuting, urban, e-MTB, mountain bikes and gravel. The company will meet with prospective distributors at the Taipei Cycle Show in October. 

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