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Tektro develops entry-level 9-speed e-drivetrain

Published January 24, 2022

OGDEN, Utah (BRAIN) — Tektro has developed a nine-speed drivetrain specifically for entry-level e-bikes that features a cassette with the three smallest sprockets being replaceable.

E-DRIVE 9, part of Tektro E-Bike Solutions category, was designed in cooperation with Germany's Conway Bikes, which will feature the ED9 drivetrain on its Cairon models in February. The drivetrain will be available only as OEM for manufacturers.

The cassette's smallest three sprockets — 11, 13, 16 — can be replaced for lower service costs, and it's teamed with a clutch derailleur.

Tektro E-Bike Solutions was created in 2017 in response to customer requests for a more robust braking system for e-bikes. Likewise, Tektro said the development of ED9 came from customers looking for a more low-wear shifting solution for entry-level e-bikes.

E-bikes experience more chain and cassette wear on the smallest sprockets, and Tektro said beginners don't change gears as often. The system consists of the nine-speed ED rear derailleur, shift lever, and the matching cassette with an 11-46 range.

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