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Velo adds nitro-infused saddle padding option

Published September 20, 2022
Technology is said to be more green and to offer more tunable cushioning.

TAIPEI (BRAIN) — Saddle maker Velo has a new padding material its rolling out for its own branded saddles and for OEM brands. Velo’s AtmosFoam uses nitrogen in the fluid-foaming process, which the company said reduces the use of chemical additives and helps reduce CO2 emissions. 

The company also said the material’s shock absorbency is more tunable than other materials, allowing it to make more comfortable saddles.

Brooks has used a similar nitrogen-infused foam technology for running shoe midsoles, claiming the shoes offer “enhanced ride” and “increased stability.” 

Velo said it is the only bike saddle maker to use the technology. 

“VAF is lighter and more responsive compared to other foam compounds with finer pore structures,” the company said. “In addition, the microcells in VAF are evenly distributed, providing consistent rebound and shock-absorbing capabilities. The new foam also provides lower thermal conductivity keeping the contact with the saddle cooler in hotter weather conditions.”

The company said VAF weighs about the same as the SuperLight Foam it currently uses in its performance saddles, but offers more comfort. The company could not offer specific numbers validating its claim about reduced carbon emissions. It will release a new saddle using the technology this fall.

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