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Clif, Others Recall Certain Peanut Bars

Published February 11, 2009

BERKELEY, CA (BRAIN)—Clif Bar and others have issued a voluntary recall on certain bars that contain peanut products that were manufactured by Peanut Corporation of America (PCA), which is the focus of an ongoing Salmonella investigation.

Included in Clif’s recall are its Luna and Mojo branded bars, which make for 14 bars in the United States as part of the recall.

“We want to be as open as possible with our consumers and the public, which is why we’re taking this voluntary recall effort,” said Sue Hearn, public relations director for Clif Bar. “We test all raw peanut ingredients and finished goods and none of our recalled bars have tested positive for Salmonella. The peanuts used in our organic peanut butter were not from PCA, but our usual organic peanut butter supplier.”

To find out which Clif products are being recalled, please visit its Web site at

Promax Nutrition has also issued a voluntary recall on several of its bars.

“We regret any inconvenience we have caused our consumers, but due to the increased concern for public safety, we are erring on the side of extreme caution in order to maintain the highest level of safety for our consumers,” said Tim Welch, president and chief executive officer of Promax Nutrition Corp.

To find out which Promax products are being recalled, please visit its Web site at

Larabar has also issued a voluntary recall on two of its bars—the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar and Peanut Butter Blisscrisp JamFrakas.

For a complete list of products affected by this peanut recall, visit

—Jason Norman

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