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Retailers Join to Form Fit Association

Published March 24, 2009

GREENWICH, CT (BRAIN)—A group of high-end retailers with expertise in fit techniques have formed an association to more effectively advertise their services.

The Master Bike Fitters Association’s mission is to create, evaluate and promote universal dealer standards in the areas of bike fitting and equipment.

“These standards will provide consumers with a reliable, consistent and independent source for information in crucial areas like fitting procedures and technology, which has to date been lacking,” the association said in a press release. “In conjunction with the Serotta International Cycling Institute, MBFA will also serve as an accrediting agency, certifying bicycle retailers who have met the MBFA’s criteria and who approach bike selection from a ‘Fit First’ and independent perspective.”

The Association, which so far includes Signature Cycle, PK Cycling, Cycle Fit, Ltd., Fit Werx, Get a Grip Cycles, Pro Peloton and Sports Garage, all chipped in $5,000 toward a national print advertising campaign—something the individual shops couldn’t afford on their own, said Paul Levine, owner of Signature Cycles.

Levine said even though his shop competes with some of the others in the Association, “we put our swords down and said, ‘Let’s work together on this’” because the idea is to better get the word out about fit, in turn increasing business for everyone.

As bike shops, their biggest competitors aren’t each other, but rather other sports that appeal to the same consumer like golf and tennis, Levine said.

The Master Bike Fitters Association is an open membership organization and any independent retailer who meets MBFA fitting and dealer standards is eligible to join. Manufacturers who are interested in sponsoring MBFA and dealers who are interested in joining can find more information, including contacts and standards, at

—Nicole Formosa

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