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Specialized Opens First Denmark Concept

Published May 4, 2010

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (BRAIN)—Following two months of dedication, hard work and infinite passion, the doors of the Nordic Region’s first Specialized Concept Store called Ride 4 Fun recently opened in Copenhagen, Denmark.

According Lars Hjort, market leader of Specialized’s Nordic Region, Ride 4 Fun was the brainchild of owners Roger Kormind, Rune von Moss and Martin Hirsh, in partnership with Specialized.

“We have wanted to open a Concept Store in Copenhagen for some time. Roger, Rune and Martin had the perfect combination of knowledge and enthusiasm for cycling, business and the Specialized brand that we knew they were the right guys to work with,” Hjort said.

“The Concept Store idea just fits in Copenhagen. Denmark has such a great history of high performance cycling, and there is such a rich cycling culture here. This project perfectly reflects our ideal of supporting our best dealers while bringing Specialized products and experiences to riders at the highest level," Hjort added.

Ride 4 Fun is located just a quarter mile from the capital city’s town hall, on a street that sees over 150,000 commuters passing its high visibility location daily by car, by bike and on foot.

The store’s stylish, modern feel has its origins with Specialized’s Global Retail Services department, combined with unique aesthetic and merchandising designs built specifically to suit Copenhagen’s distinctly cosmopolitan market.

With over 2,600 square feet of floor space—very large by Danish standards—the ground-up built shop is designed to suit riders with a keen eye for performance and a high-end boutique experience.

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