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The role of sales reps is changing in the IBD industry, BRAIN poll shows

Published September 3, 2019

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Last month, in preparation for a package of magazine articles, BRAIN surveyed retailers about sales reps: inside and outside, what are they good for, what are their strengths and how are their roles changing. The survey formed the basis for an article by Ray Keener in the September issue of BRAIN.

Our 12-question Sales Rep survey was conducted in mid-August. Retailers were linked to the survey through the BRAIN website, and links were also provided to SmartEtailing, the NBDA, The Bike Co-Op, PBMA and 20collective for distribution to their retailer members and clients.

While the survey doesn't qualify as research with a known margin of error, we received 172 responses and we're glad to present these results as the best information currently available. Thanks to all the retailers who responded, and be sure to check out the print story in the September issue, which subscribers are receiving this week.

The PDF is attached.

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