Henderson takes over ownership of Trialtir

Published July 24, 2012

HOUSTON, TX (BRAIN) Wednesday July 25 2012 4:34 AM MT—Trey Henderson, Trialtir USA’s general manager, has taken over ownership of the Texas distributor from Massimo Bartolini.

According to Henderson, the two “remain the best of friends” and it was an amicable sale. “A couple years back Massimo moved back to Italy as his business interests became increasingly centered there,” Henderson said.

“He wanted his company to continue on, and I had already been working with him and knew the potential this company could attain,” he added.

The Houston-based company is the exclusive importer for De Rosa bicycles, LAS helmets, Enervit energy products, Stella Azzurra components and MOA custom apparel.

“For the past seven years I’ve basically been running the company. I don’t consider my ownership that big of a change, and all the brands we represent are very excited to still be working with me,” Henderson said.

The change in ownership was completed in the first quarter, but Henderson delayed releasing the news until recently. “I wanted to show our dealers that the new ownership would only be of benefit to them, which has now been proven throughout the spring and summer peak sales season,” he said.

Henderson said he plans to draw on his background in customer service to expand the company’s independent dealer focus and offer clients a more personalized experience. “Independent dealers have been struggling lately due to Internet sales and demands other companies are requiring them to commit, not always in their best interests—we want to be a safe haven for them,” he said. “I want to take the years of experience I’ve had with dealers and better service their individual needs.”

Other changes include a deeper inventory and dropping the “incorporated” in the company name—making the switch from Trialtir USA Inc. to simply Trialtir USA. “We already have a good foundation, dealer network and brands. We just have to continue making that push.”

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