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Are cyclists interested in sustainability? Survey will tell

Published February 19, 2013

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) — Are cyclists interested in sustainability? An industry group is looking to measure consumers' attitudes and behaviors before the Bicycle Leadership Conference holds a session on sustainability in April in Monterey, California.

The research is the brainchild of Elizabeth Train, client strategy director at Walden Hyde, a Boulder company.

People for Bikes and Bicycling magazine are promoting the survey.

“We’re learning from the outdoor industry that progress on sustainability needs to be driven by a commitment from inside the industry,” said Ray Keener, the executive director of the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association and moderator of the BLC Sustainability panel. “We also want to get a baseline on consumers, because they will be a growing factor in the discussion as we move forward.”

Panelists for the BLC Sustainability session include Bryant Bainbridge from Specialized, Kevin Myette from REI, Beth Jensen from The Outdoor Industry Association, and Robb Schurr from Walden Hyde.

Bike industry members can take the sustainability survey, too.

More information: The survey.

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