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Wittenberg joins Ridley Bikes

Published February 7, 2013

PAAL-Beringen, Belgium (BRAIN) — Belgian bike manufacturer Ridley Bikes has hired Richard Wittenberg as vice president of international operations. Wittenberg, who has worked at Cannondale, Asahi, Seattle Bike Supply, Pacific and elsewhere in the bike industry, will split his time between California, Belgium and Asia, said Wittenberg, who starts March 1.

Wittenberg told BRAIN that he will work closely with Ridley's U.S. distributor, QBP, to market and support the brand in the States. Supporting the company's European private-label business and working on supply chain issues in Asia also will be among his responsibilities. Besides the Ridley bike line, the company offers the component brand 4ZA. 

“Richard’s worldwide knowledge of the bicycle industry fits perfect in our ambitions and goal to keep building and growing our international operations," said Jochim Aerts, CEO of Ridley Bikes. 

“Our growth figures are good – the first five months on our reporting year are already in the double digits," Aerts said. "But we need someone like Richard to ensure we can maintain this growth rate."

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