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Specialized apparel offers sun protection

Published March 17, 2013
Specialized DeflectUV apparel

MORGAN HILL, CA (BRAIN) — Specialized Bicycles’ new apparel line will feature DeflectUV technology sun protection that has been integrated into the weave of the fabric.  Because DeflectUV is woven into the material, it is breathable, chemical free, and will never wear off, the company said.

“Because it’s important to wear DeflectUV even on cloudy days, we’ve based our entire apparel collection around it,” said Peter Curran, apparel manager at Specialized.  “Every garment we make has a minimum of UPF 30 and up to UPF 50 protection rating. This isn’t a spray or chemical lotion, it’s fabric-based skincare for cyclists to wear on every ride.”

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Specialized apparel with DeflectUV as an effective UV protectant. Each garment is labeled with a UPF rating (UPF is the rating system used for fabrics, similar to SPF found on sunscreen lotions).

Specialized apparel with DeflectUV is available at Specialized retailers and at  

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