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Shimano brings high-end Dynalast shoe features to offroad models

Published October 17, 2013
The SH-XC90L

IRVINE, CA (BRAIN) — Shimano's 2014 mountain bike shoe line features three models with its Dynalast technology, borrowed from its high-end road racing shoes.

The Dynalast XC shoes optimize the toe spring angle and secures the foot in an optimized ergonomic position for cycling. The company claims Dynalast reduces unwanted loss of upstroke momentum by 5.23 percent and by reducing muscle tension, creates a more fluid, fuller hip rotation.

The Dynalast XC footwear is lighter and thinner than previous models. The outsole has a new open-block design with interchangeable spikes. A new Cross X Strap design pulls from the opposite, inward direction over the top of the foot to relieve tension on that nerve area.

For 2014, Shimano’s Dynalast XC line includes three new shoe models for mountain bike and cyclocross riders.

The SH-XC90 ($370 MSRP), is the highest end model, with custom-fit heat moldable uppers. The 627 gram shoes are 59 grams lighter and has a 1.7mm thinner outsole than the SH-M315, which it replaces.

The SH-XC70 ($200) also has a Dynalast outsole that is 83 grams lighter and.7mm thinner than the outgoing SH-M240 model.

The SH-XC61 ($150)  debuts a new, lightweight glass fiber reinforced-polyamide Dynalast outsole with a carbon fiber composite plate at the cleat interface. It also features the new Cross X strap like other new Dynalast XC model. Its outsole is .7mm thinner and 33 grams lighter than the outgoing SH-XC60 model. The SH-XC61 is also available in wide lasts. 

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