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Polar Bottle maker to launch recyclable hydration system

Published November 13, 2013

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) — The company that makes Polar Bottle insulated water bottles is preparing to launch an inexpensive hydration system with a recyclable water reservoir, making replacing a yucky bladder less painful to the wallet and the planet.

The Cenote hydration system will retail for $13.99 for a two liter reservoir or $14.99 for a three liter system. It's available now on and will be available through retailers in the coming months.

“We kept hearing from customers that they were throwing away their non-recyclable reservoirs after only a few uses because they would get dirty and were hard to clean,” said Judy Amabile, president of Product Architects, Inc, which makes the Polar Bottle and the Cenote system. “It made sense that someone should introduce a more eco-friendly alternative that gave consumers the freedom to replace their bladder without feeling guilty about wasting money or hurting the environment.”

The reservoir is recyclable through most municiple system in the Number 1 and Number 2 plastics bin. Consumers who can't recycle locally can mail used reservoirs back to Cenote; the packaging converts to a pre-paid mailing box. 

The Cenote reservoir and fittings are made in Boulder. The hose and bite valve are imported, and the poduct is assembled and shipped from Boulder.  

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