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Silca valve extensions promise to eliminate noise and leaking

Published July 1, 2014
Silca FVC extensions for use with standard presta valves.

INDIANAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Silca is launching some new valve extensions for use with deep-section wheels. The company says the extensions will elmiminate the need for electrical tape on valve stems, used by many riders to prevent the stems from clicking against the rim. The Silca design also is said to reduce air leakage at the interection of the valve and the valve extension.

The extensions are available for use with tubes or tubeless valves with removable cores in four lengths (34, 45, 60 and 75mm) or for use with non-removable cores in three lengths (45, 60 and 75mm).  

The extensions have a patent-pending external elastomer which forms a watertight seal in most valve holes while eliminating rattles, clicks and other noise. The threads are coated with a thread sealant product that produces an airtight fit without the use of tapes or liquid thread treatments. Silca worked with a company specializing in thread sealing for aviation and medical industries to develop the thread coating.

MSRP is $34 for a package of two extensions. The extensions will be available from QBP, BTI, Ochsner and available dealer direct by contacting Silca at or (317) 964-0592. 

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