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Armstrong Gets Lead Out in Colorado

Published August 10, 2008

LEADVILLE, CO (BRAIN)—It's not everyday you get to see a seven-time Tour de France champion and cycling legend compete in a mountain bike race.

That's precisely why thousands of spectators gathered in Leadville, Colorado, on Saturday for the Leadville Trail 100 to witness Lance Armstrong's first competitive cycling venture since his last Tour de France victory in 2005.

Armstrong finished second to returning champ Dave Wiens, and after the race vowed that he'd be back next year. What this means to Leadville and mountain bike racing in general remains to be seen. Judging by the amount of coverage this lone appearance sparked, however, it seems it can only have a positive effect on growing the sport to new heights.

Leadville race coordinator Ken Chlouber summed it up best.

[It's] the greatest, hugest thing that has happened to Leadville since we discovered gold," Chlouber said of Armstrong's appearance.

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—Jason Norman

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