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Taichung Bike Week Might Shift Dates

Published December 14, 2009

TAICHUNG, Taiwan (BRAIN)—Organizers of Taichung Bike Week are considering moving the 2010 event to the week of Nov. 15 instead of its customary time slot in early December.

“I’m hearing a lot of people say ‘mid-November, mid-November, mid-November,’” said Steve Fenton of Pro-Lite, who lives in Taichung and served as a volunteer organizer of Taichung Bike Week.

Fenton said the date change could help attract more U.S. product managers to the event, who may be hesitant to make a trip to Taiwan between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

The shift also would reflect the increasingly early product development cycle.

Bike Week organizers also hope to bring the event under one roof. Exhibitors this year were spread among three Taichung hotels, all within walking distance. A fourth event, Ride-On Taiwan, took place at a resort on the western fringes of Taichung and

This year’s event, which ended last week, attracted hundreds of product managers and more than 100 exhibiting companies to Taichung to pin down spec for 2011 bike models.

Fenton and co-organizer Katerina Rejchrtova, president of WTB Europe, plan to poll bicycle industry officials about the proposed dates. They expect to announce the date for 2010 Taichung Bike Week at the Taipei Cycle show in March.

Fenton said Coliped, the association representing the European two-wheeler parts and accessories industry, has said it would bring about 30 exhibitors to the next Taichung Bike Week.

—Doug McClellan

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