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TBEA Committing $150,000 to Bikes Belong

Published June 30, 2010

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—The Taiwan Bicycle Exporters Association (TBEA) has committed $50,000 per year for three years to the Bikes Belong Foundation.

The investment will go toward Bikes Belong’s Bicycling Design Best Practices Project, which works to increase bicycle use in America by adapting and implementing state-of-the art international best practices in infrastructure and urban design to make bicycling safer, more comfortable and more appealing, according to a press release. The SRAM Cycling Fund has matched this $50,000 contribution for 2010.

"The TBEA believes in the vision of a more bicycle friendly world, and we are inspired by the work of the Bikes Belong Foundation and their Best Practices Project,” said Ying-Ming Yang, Chairman of TBEA. “It is logical for communities that want to provide safe and accessible bike facilities to benchmark cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands as well as Muenster, Germany. These communities have achieved great success in getting people to utilize bicycles for transportation, and that leads to healthier, less congested city centers."

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