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SRAM Fund Donates to Spain Project

Published September 6, 2010

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN)—The SRAM Cycling Fund has donated €50,000 to Spanish Cycling Associations.

“We are proud to donate 50,000 Euros to an exciting project in Spain," said Randy Neufeld, SRAM Cycling Fund director, according to a press release. “The money will support the cycling infrastructure development in the top 30 cities in Spain, like Barcelona, Zaragoza and Sevilla.”

"This is very exciting," said Haritz Ferrando from Bicicleta Club de Catalunya (BACC). ”With our Proyecto 1.000.000 we aim to win 1 million new daily cyclists in Spain over the next 5 years."

This project is supported up to 50 percent by the SRAM Cycling Fund, the rest coming from the Spanish cycle industry and cycling associations. A total of €100,000 will be invested in ConBici’s lobbying in Spain over the next five years.

“This will be a decisive step forward in increasing influence on national policy and building a stronger bicycle culture," said Stan Day, president of SRAM Corp. At the same time, BACC will carry out a communication and membership drive, in an initiative which will subsequently be exported to ConBici.

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