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UCI Grants Price Break to Small Frame Makers

Published May 3, 2011

AIGLE, Switzerland (BRAIN)—Small frame builders will get a 20 percent break on the cost for the UCI’s new mandatory frame and fork approval process thanks to an agreement between cycling’s governing body and The Framebuilders’ Collective.

A small builder is defined as a manufacturer who produces frames and forks to measure.

Under the agreement, the Collective, made up of 14 well-known handmade frame builders, will undertake the administrative tasks of the UCI’s simplified procedure for small builders of tubular models.

Frame builders will submit plans to the Collective, which will transfer the documents to the UCI on their behalf. In exchange, the UCI will grant a 20 percent discount to small builders, bringing down price for the simplified procedure from 500 CHF plus VAT to 400 CHF.

Carl Strong, chairman of Collective’s board of directors, said the group is excited about the partnership with the UCI.

“Independent framebuilders wear a lot of hats as both craftsman and businessman,” Strong said in a press release. “The Framebuilders’ Collective understands the limited time that framebuilders have to devote to all of the duties their trade requires of them. The UCI and TFC have developed an arrangement that will help streamline and simplify the UCI process for not only the Framebuilders’ Collective members but any other bespoke framebuilders that wish to participate through the Framebuilders’ Collective portal.”

The UCI’s approval process went into effect Jan. 1 and is required for all new models of frames and forks used in competition by licensed riders.

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