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Trips for Kids founder receives humanitarian award

Published November 6, 2012
Marilyn Price with a student at the Trips for Kids Re-Cyclery

SAN RAFAEL, CA (BRAIN) — The University of Michigan College of Letters, Sciences and Arts has awarded alumnus Marilyn Price with the LSA Humanitarian Service Award because of her work with Trips for Kids.

The Humanitarian Service Award is the college's most prestigious alumni honor. It is given annually to three or four alumni to recognize noble character and citizenship.

"In honoring Marilyn Price we recognize her character, service and leadership," said Peggy Burns, LSA assistant dean for advancement. "Marilyn is positive and driven, compassionate and creative. She refused to accept the status quo and put what's right before what is easy, accepted or popular."

Price started Trips for Kids in 1988 from her Mill Valley, California, home.

Twenty-five years later, Trips for Kids International has 74 chapters in the U.S., five in Canada and one in Israel. Its programs give underserved youth a chance to experience the joy and challenge of mountain biking, while learning valuable life skills and an appreciation for the outdoors. 


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