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Retail playground

Published December 19, 2012
The Shimano Wheel Bracket
Shimano introduces more wheel displays

PALO ALTO, CA (BRAIN) — Shimano is making available several new wheel display options for retailers, including one that the company calls a wheel "playground." The displays were designed by Palo Alto-based Concept Designs.

The playground can mount to slat wall or be used on countertop. Separate modules on the display incorporate actual wheel sections and bullet-point graphics that explain the products. The modules are easily interchanged. The displays can accommodate three or four modules, depending on the retailer's inventory.

Other displays include wheel bracket, which is a simple, powder-coated steel bracket that mounts to slat wall at an angle. The angled presentation allows multiple wheels to be repeated and overlapped on a retailer’s slat wall to save space. Another new display is the floorstanding Tower.

More information: Nolan Moser, Shimano American retail marketing manager,

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