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Blackburn to reward racers who ‘give it up’ at Arizona race

Published April 23, 2013

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA (BRAIN) — Blackburn is adding a twist to the Whiskey Off Road endurance race, to be held this weekend near Prescott, Arizona.

The Easton-Bell Sports brand will award a grand prize of $1,000 in Blackburn products to the racer who can give away 20 pounds of "consumables" at a race rest stop, with bonuses given for creativity and the weight of the stuff carried and given out to fellow racers.

When pre-registered riders reach the special Blackburn Feed Zone, a judge will start a clock. Riders have 30 minutes to give away the consumables, whether they are bacon, fudge, or something else. After 30 minutes, the racers must pack any leftover and gear and finish the event. 

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