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ASI institutes ‘off-season MAP’ program

Published July 17, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, PA (BRAIN) — For a second consecutive year, Advanced Sports International is offering its dealers a tiered-down “off-season MAP” program on most current-model-year bikes in its Fuji and Kestrel lines, as well as select Breezer models. The first price reduction went into effect Monday, July 15, with a second reduction set for Oct. 15.

Frank Zimmer, director of U.S. sales for ASI, emphasized that the program is aimed at helping dealers extend their selling season on 2013 product while maintaining margin, and is not a response to any glut in inventory among ASI’s brands.

“We forecasted a hell of a lot better than we’ve ever done,” he said.

Products not affected by the off-season MAP include a handful of cruiser models, children’s bikes, Kestrel’s Talon tri model, several Breezer models and the entire SE Bikes line.

ASI will provide additional details to its dealers by week’s end, Zimmer said.


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