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Wahoo hits Kickstarter goal for ANT+ device

Published September 19, 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV (BRAIN) — Wahoo Fitness has exceeded its goal of raising $100,000 through a crowd-funding site to put a new version of its bike computer into production.

By Thursday afternoon Wahoo had raised over $106,000 on for the project, which was to produce an ANT+ version of its RFLKT computer. The Kickstarter campaign was set to run for another day.

The RFLKT is a handlebar-mounted display screen for a cyclists' iPhone; it displays data gathered by the phone from power, heart, speed and cadence meters as well as the phone's GPS.. It also allows the user to scroll through the data and control music playback and other phone functions and apps. 

The first version of the RFLKT was built around the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless protocol. The Kickstarter-funded version is built around the ANT+ wireless protocol. The ANT+ version will gather and display data directly from ANT+-enabled sensors, as well as GPS data from the phone. 

With the Kickstarter funding in place, Wahoo said it will begin shipping the new product on Oct. 1.

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