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WD-40 Bike sponsors BC Bike race

Published June 4, 2014

NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN) — WD-40 Bike is sponsoring the week-long BC Bike Race.

The brand has been named the official bike care brand of the race, held later this month.

"WD-40 Bike is the best known brand in bicycle care and makes outstanding products," said Andreas Hestler, director of marketing for BC Bike Race. "We set a very high standard in delivering a fantastic experience for our riders. Our event is challenging and requires clean bikes and long-lasting lubes to successfully navigate. WD-40 Bike is the ideal partner to help give our riders the service and technology they deserve."

WD-40 Bike products will be used exclusively in wash stations throughout the race. Participants will also be given samples of WD-40 bike chain lubricant.

"BC Bike Race is a bucket-list event for many in mountain biking," said Mike Irwin, managing partner of WD-40 BIKE Company. "For us, it involves everything we love about cycling: fantastic riding, great camaraderie and lots of opportunities to clean and lube bikes."

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