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Alchemy Bicycles launches Ethic Paint Works

Published December 7, 2015

DENVER (BRAIN) — Custom bike maker Alchemy Bicycles is now offering painting services to the public via its Ethic Paint Works studio.

Ethic Paint Works will service private customers with non-Alchemy frames as well as other custom builders.

Lead painter Shane Haberland and graphic designer Nick Hemendinger head the Ethic Paint Works team. Both are former Serotta employees. Phil Harwood joined Ethic Paint Works last month after spending nearly five years at Independent Fabrication.

"Alchemy cuts all of its own carbon and makes its own tubing, so for me, it's fresh and new to be involved in that part of the manufacturing process," said Harwood about joining the Alchemy and Ethic family, "I've been doing a lot more of that than just painting which is exciting, but I'm thrilled about being back in the paint booth."

Ethic Paint Works has been painting for several builders around the world for years, including several NAHBS exhibitors. At the upcoming NAHBS Sacramento show, Ethic will be competing in their own right, displaying the creativity and craftsmanship of the Ethic team in their own booth to better present themselves to the handbuilt builders.

"Painting is an immersive process that I love, whether it's a car, bike or a motorcycle," said Haberland, "Nick's graphic talent and the experience that both Phil and I bring make our customers' dream possible. The three of us are very excited about the Ethic Paint Works projects headed our way."

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