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Easton announces new high-end road wheels

Published July 5, 2013
The Easton EC90 Aero55 clincher wheelset

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA (BRAIN) — Easton on Friday announced a batch of new road wheels that feature tubeless tire compatibility, wider rim profiles and new hub designs.

The line is topped by a pair of high-end carbon wheel models that includes what the company said is the first carbon rim certified for use with tubeless clinchers.

Wheelsets will be available this fall.

New models include the new EA70SL, a $700 aluminum-rimmed set. Its rim has an internal width of 17.5 millimeters and a 25 millimeter rim depth, Sapim J-bend spokes and new hub design Easton calls V5. The wheelset has a claimed weight of 1,590 grams.

Other new alloy-rimmed models are the EA90 SL, at $900, and the new EA70 set, at $500.

The EA90 SLX is the company's new top of the line alloy-rim set. It weighs 1,400 grams and features a tubeless-compatible rim shape and Easton's new Echo hubs and will retail for $1,200.

At the top of the line is a new pair of carbon-rim wheels: the EC90 Aero 55 tubular, which weighs 1,330 grams and retails for $2,400, and the EC90 Aero 55 clincher, at 1,580 grams and $2,800.

The new carbon wheels feature a wide rim shape Easton calls Fantom, which is said to offer less wind drag and improved performance in cross winds. The company also said the rims have been designed for durability and to withstand braking forces and heat.

The new Echo hubs feature angular contact cartridge bearings with an extra-wide bearing stance, an unconventional drive system with increased engagement, and a bigger, stiffer hub body. The new wheels are hand built and acoustically tuned with a new spoking pattern for Easton: one-cross on non-drive side and two-cross on the drive side. The new carbon wheels use straight-pull Sapim CX-Ray spokes.

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