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De Marchi launches e-commerce site for replica clothing

Published December 16, 2013

SAN VENDEMIANO, Italy (BRAIN) — Italian clothing brand De Marchi is launching an e-commerce site to sell its Authentic replica jerseys. will offer the line of replica jerseys that are made in Italy of 100 percent merino wool. The company launched the line in 2012.

“Knowledge or connection to cycling history is at the forefront of marketing strategy.  It authenticates who you are and what you are doing. Today that culture is illustrated by images of epic rides that involve a lot of suffering,” De Marchi owner Mauro Coccia said. "This is exactly what it looked like in the 40s, 50s and 60s.  It was that raw.  It was the very beginning of cycling-specific clothing manufacturing and my grandfather, Emilio DeMarchi, was at the center of it.” 

In the late 1930s Emilio De Marchi and his wife Emma started a small homemade production of cycling-specific clothing. The brand went on to outfit many of the top riders and teams in the century and helped develop cycling jersey design elements that continue today. 

The new site is limited to the Authentic line; it wil not offer De Marchi's other two product lines, the Tradion and Innovative lines. It also will sell DeMarchi accessories and leather gloves, wool caps and a silk foulard.  

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