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Enve releases new mountain bike wheel line

Published April 8, 2014
The new M90 wheel is available only in 26-inch.

OGDEN, Utah (BRAIN) — Enve's latest line of four carbon mountain bike rims and wheels has a new system for designating the intended use for the four models.

The new M-Series products are named for the ratio of descending to climbing that the rider has planned: The M50 rim is intended for a 50-50 descend-to-climb ratio, for example. The other models are the M60 (for 60 percent descending), M70 (70 percent descending) and M90 (90 percent descending).

The M50 is available only in 29-inch; the M60 is available in 29-inch and 650b; M70 is available in all three sizes and the M90 comes only in 26-inch.

Besides the new naming system, the rims have a new shape that the company said is lighter and stronger. The company also said the new rims are more impact resistant than its previous models. 

The various rim models are sized for the tire sizes used in each application, and the lighter weight models have more vertical compliance. A new hookless bead design is said to create a more reliable seal and reduce the possibility of burping with tubeless tires.

The new wheels are available now for aftermarket sales and will be seen on some complete bikes from Cannondale, Santa Cruz, Turner and Intense. 

The rim models all have the same price: $999 per rim. Three wheelsets are available: A set with DT240 hubs retails for $2,718; with Chris King hubs is $2,750; and with DT 180 hubs is $3,298.


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