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Evanston shop moves, will add new bikes

Published July 27, 2012

EVANSTON, IL (BRAIN) Friday July 27 2012 4:35 PM MT—Alex Añòn has relocated his secondhand bike and service shop, Bucephalus Bikes, to 1424 Lake Street in Evanston, Illinois.

Bucephalus Bikes, recently restructured from a partnership to a single ownership, offers tune-ups and overhauls as well as store-built reconditioned bicycles. With plans to sell new bikes at the new location, owner Añòn has reached out to suppliers Schwinn and Rally.

“The new shop really caters to our space needs,” said Añòn. “It allows us to offer new bicycles in addition to reconditioning and refurbishing.”

Along with increased sales, Añòn looks to create a community environment where people can come to organize rides and display local artwork. “The shop should be a point of destination for many different aspects, not just cycling,” said Añòn. “Everyone is welcome, no matter how many miles they put on their bikes or how much spandex they wear.”

Añòn also hopes to increase bike awareness by way of community classes on everything from bike safety to basic mechanics. In a community such as Evanston where “more than half of the population owns a bike,” Añòn wants to “spread the word that commuting is a viable option.”

Quite the experienced hand at commuting by bike himself, Añòn has proudly been car-free for 15 years. “I have a family of four boys and we do it without a car—it’s doable even in America,” said Añòn. “I see more and more people realizing this, and hope to lead by example.”

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