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Boston stores re-open after arrest

Published April 20, 2013

BOSTON, MA (BRAIN) — Retailers in the Boston area were able to re-open Saturday, after authorities lifted a "shelter in place" order that was in effect during a manhunt for a suspect in Monday's Boston Marathon bombing. The order was lifted late Friday, several hours before the suspect was arrested in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Tom Henry, co-founder of the Boston-area retail chain Landry's, posted a note on the stores' website Saturday:

I know that all of us are feeling relief this morning, and it is with gratitude and joy that I announce that all Landry’s stores will be open today.  As members of the Landry’s community and of the wider Boston and Massachusetts community, as we work through our feelings of relief, joy, and pride as well as our feelings of pain, anger and grief, let’s open wide our doors and our hearts and celebrate, among other gifts today, the gift of better bicycling for a better world!  As we return step by step to some sense of normal life, please let me know what we can do to help.   


With gratitude for peace,

Tom Landry

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