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Thursday's NBDA webinar focuses on holiday marketing

Published November 6, 2013

COSTA MESA, CA (BRAIN) — The National Bicycle Dealers Association is hosting a free webinar on Thursday that will focus on holiday season marketing and strategies for bike shops.

The webinar will cover a "collection of strategies specifically designed to make each transaction as profitable as possible, and in the customer's best interest," the NBDA said. 

The webinar will be conducted by Jim Ackerman, the president and CEO of Ascend Marketing, Inc., the founder of The Marketing Wizard’s Alliance, author and publisher of The Marketing Wizard’s Alliance Newsletter, a national columnist and author of many articles in a broad array of industry publications. 

Ackerman will discuss up-selling, add-on selling, impulse buying, subscription programs, packages and bundling, private sales, integrated marketing, programming for repeat purchase and referral marketing.

Space is limited. Dealers can reserve their webinar seat now at:

The webinar is free for NBDA members. If you are not a member, you can join at:

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