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Dahon offers to license component technology to other bike makers

Published November 6, 2018

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OLNEY, Ill. (BRAIN) — Folding bike brand Dahon is now offering to license some of its component technology to industry partners. The company will offer hinges, handle posts, cranksets, pedals and its PostPump to makers of folding or regular bikes.

The technology includes Dahon's D4D Quickpark Stem, which allows easy adjustment of the handlebar's height, reach and axial angle. In addition, it can rotate the handlebar 90 degrees around a vertical axis to lie prone against the bike. The Post-Pump II is a tire pump that can be stored inside seat posts of either 31.6 or 33.9 millimeter diameter. It is a compact and economic alternative to the original Dahon Post-Pump.

The program also includes the new Jaws hinge, the latest evolution in Dahon's LockJaw technology and its Quick Draw detachable pedals.

"Through this new strategy licensees will benefit from market-proven components and technology that surpasses all quality and safety expectations. These quality components can be identified through laser sticker technology. Dahon's innovative technologies can optimize the performance of both regular bikes and folding bikes in unique ways," the company said.

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