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Mechanic Certification Schedule for CABDA West San Diego

Published November 26, 2018

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The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association today announced the schedule for hands-on certification at CABDA West.

PBMA's Bicycle Mechanic Certification was initially rolled out in September at Interbike with about half the participants achieving a passing mark. PBMA's President James Stanfill said, "Our team had to sit down and debate whether the process was too hard. At the end of the day, and with input from education professionals, we agreed that our certification is based on process and safety and we are happy with where we are today."

The in-person testing involves essentially the mechanic demonstrating their proficiency at safely assembling a bicycle. They are given a bare frame (custom-built compact units by United Bicycle Institute), a SRAM group, and all the Park Tools necessary to build up the frame with the main components of a road bicycle. Each element of proper installation, torque spec, and attention to detail are scored individually, with a particular emphasis on safety. A 90-minute time limit is given to complete the build, with a 92.5% or better required score to pass.

Overall, PBMA Bicycle Mechanic Certification is a two-part process. Members and Non-Members alike must complete an online exam with a passing score of 90% or better. The online exam is then followed up with an in-person practical exam conducted in front of PBMA instructors.

To start the certification process, interested mechanics should visit:

PBMA Members receive $150 off the $200 cost to become certified

PBMA is also hosting an educational summit during CABDA West with the goal to unite educators within the cycling industry and create a leadership platform focused on how technical education can be delivered and tie into generalized standards industry wide. Part of this summit is focused on training others on the PBMA Bicycle Mechanic Certification process. Details on the summit will be available next week for parties interested in attending.

Certification at CABDA is limited to 6 people per session with sessions being available:
Monday January 14th (9a, 12:30p, 3:30p), Tuesday January 15th (2p), Wednesday January 16th (6:30p), Thursday January 17th (10a, 1p, 4p), Friday January 18th (9a, 12:30p, 3:30p), and Saturday January 19th (9:30a). Future dates and times will be announced soon for PBMA's Philadelphia Technical Workshop and CABDA Chicago.

CABDA is free to attend for dealers (brick and mortar, mobile and service-only alike). To register for CABDA, please visit


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