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RUFF CYCLES opens its first office in the USA for eBike sales

Published January 15, 2019

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San Francisc Following its resounding success across Europe, RUFF CYCLES GmbH, the Bavarian manufacturer of the popular THE RUFFIAN eBike, is opening up its first office outside Germany. The move is a response to establishing a proximity with RUFF CYCLES enthusiastic community across North America while expanding its current retailer's network in key markets. But it is also a stepping stone towards its long-term plan in attracting the right creative talent to imagine and define new products that will continue to surprise and please.

"RUFF CYCLES brings a completely unique style and spirit into the eBike world with their THE RUFFIAN model epowered by Bosch," said Claudia Wasko, Vice President and GM for BOSCH eBike Systems Americas. "We welcome their entry into North America and wish them great success."

To lead the RUFF culture in North America, the company is teaming up with Daniel Gelinas who will serve as President of RUFF CYCLES Inc. with its headquarter located in San Francisco. Daniel has cumulated diverse high profile management experience and executive positions across complex, fast-moving industries from automotive, virtual car development & Formula One, to aerospace and software engineering.

As President, Daniel will lead the company toward achieving its long-range goals and enhancing the company's value for all of its stakeholders.

"RUFF CYCLES is a company doing truly awesome, innovative, and straight up cool things, the sort of stuff you can wake up every morning jazzed about" Gelinas said. "Deep down, we are all excited to be part of a larger purpose" he said, "and that purpose is our contribution toward the massive adoption of eBikes, the most agile, comfortable and simply smartest vehicles of our time, with positive impacts on our health, the environment, and society."

THE RUFFIAN eBike, the company's flagship product, is handcrafted in Germany, and is powered by the BOSCH Drive Systems.

RUFF CYCLES has now customers in more than 65 different countries, spanning over 6 continents, seeing bike projects from the first mockups to the finished product.

"We had long anticipated to establish RUFF CYCLES in America to better serve this very large and demanding market. Since our previous distributor did not understand our product, we were waiting for the right timing with the right person" said Pero Desnica, RUFF CYCLES GmbH CEO and founder. "Useless to say, we are very excited to announce this important milestone which will allow us to expand our local partner network over the years, to include design, manufacturing and final assembly."

ABOUT RUFF CYCLES RUFF CYCLES was launched in 2012 with the vision of creating products that are fun to ride and with great style, while never sacrificing on quality on each and every single element of the bicycles they produce and assemble in the German state of Bavaria.

Since the introduction of the THE RUFFIAN, the dealer network expanded quickly to more than 150 dealerships across Europe and North America. RUFF CYCLES is committed to bring to market, an exciting range of twowheel electric vehicles powered by Bosch eBike Systems, the most successful manufacturer of electric bike drive systems in the world. Website: Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: Contact: Media inquiries: Customer support: Phone: +1 415 248 7817

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