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Bike Store Day In Canada 2019 Is March 23, 2019

Published February 19, 2019

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Celebrate the indie bike store from coast to coast to coast!


CANADA, FEBRUARY 6, 2019 -- On Saturday March 23, support your local bike store! Canadian independent bike stores are united for our second annual Bike Store Day! BSD is a celebration of the role that these small businesses play in supporting bicycle culture and healthy lifestyles in every community

across Canada! BSD recognizes that local bike stores support many facets of everyday life, with sport/recreation, and transportation being the two largest areas.

On Bike Store Day, each store/venue creates an event to celebrate the bicycle, and the cycling community they support . Events vary by store, but can include group rides, educational clinics, product releases, new store openings, sales, and live music!

The diversity of events is limited by the imagination of creative store owners and staff. Sean Carter, co-founder of Bike Store Days says, "What your store makes of Bike Store Day is limited only by your

imagination. Each bike store decides how to celebrate."

● National events listing can be found in English at and French at

www.journeedesmagasinsdevelo/ événements

● Events are all held on Saturday March 23, 2019

● Participation is open to all independent bicycle retailers.

Check the National Events Listing to find Bike Store Day activities in your city or town, or contact Sean

Carter for more information about Bike Store Day in general.

About Bike Store Day in Canada

Bike Store Day is a one-day event hosted by independent bike stores to celebrate bicycle culture from

coast to coast to coast. It was founded and developed by BikeBike Inc (Calgary), London Bicycle Cafe

(London, ON), and Curious Communications (Calgary), and is celebrating its second year as an event in



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