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Hammer Nutrition Highlights Transparency Goal For Corporate Social Responsibility

Published October 15, 2019

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WHITEFISH, Mont. - Hammer Nutrition (Hammer) continues its tradition of transparency by extending into its current status of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This move is to ensure a clear source of communication to its brick and mortar stores, customers, athletes, and all others involved with Hammer. The CSR transparency will include how Hammer works to protect its impact on the environment with waste reduction, philanthropy efforts, and the care of its own employees.

“Hammer Nutrition is a family,” said Brian Frank, founder and CEO of Hammer Nutrition. “I want to make sure my employees are taken care of and also ensure the best possible outcome for everything this company is involved in. We recognize that we are successful and I want to continue to be open about our efforts in making the world a better place because of our presence.”

Hammer has made efforts to reduce waste with dissolvable packing peanuts, a PDF version of its fueling and hydration tips (downloaded over a million times), recycled materials for pamphlets, race bags, and its in-house magazine Endurance News, and products that eliminate one-time waste. Employees often reduce carbon emissions by choosing bicycles for the commute to Hammer’s central headquarters location.

“The majority of Hammer employees live fairly close to headquarters and sometimes it’s more enjoyable to ride our bicycles to work,” said Jim Haun, Food Scientist at Hammer Nutrition. “We all connect with our outdoor adventures, which makes for a great work environment. We work in teams to inspire creativity, promote quality work, and allow for growth built on both failures and successes. We’re all from different backgrounds, but we’ve been brought together because of this company. It just works.”

Hammer also extends its philanthropy efforts into local organizations and events sponsorship, over one-third of which are non-profit organizations. An updated CSR effort will be measured and released annually.

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